Abstract painting

How Alma Thomas Came to Her Seminal Style of Vibrant Abstract Painting

Thomas is best known for her distinctive mosaic-like paintings, characterized by a heavy arrangement of warm blocks of yellow, orange and red, bleeding into a smaller circular pattern of cool blues and purples. She began these works in 1966 with the painting Resurrectionmade for his first gallery exhibition at Howard University. His interest in the […]

Art sculpture

Poznań clinic showcases huge ‘holistic art’ sculpture to help soothe patients – The First News

Resembling an art gallery rather than a doctor’s office, visitors to the ProfMedica Clinic are greeted by a three-story atrium at the center of which rises a monumental wall of sculptural composition reaching to the top of the third floor. Joel Hauck/Pulva/ProfMedica A health clinic in Poznań turned to art in an effort to create […]