Abstract painting

Cleveland Museum of Art acquires important abstract painting by Beauford Delaney, bolstering collection of works by African-American artists

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Beauford Delaney, a major but misunderstood American artist who chronicled the Harlem Renaissance with visionary intensity before moving to Paris in the 1950s to escape racism and homophobia, now has a place in the Cleveland Museum of Art. The museum announced that a major abstract painting by Delaney, “Untitled,” 1958, has joined […]

Balinese art

Kelompok Seni Gotong Royong Reassesses Balinese Art Collectives – Art & Culture

Richard Horstman (Jakarta Post) Denpasar ● Sun, September 18, 2022 2022-09-18 14:00 0 653438bc42be6680ce39d10d737ef78d 1 Art & Culture Kelompok-Seni-Gotong-Royong,work,art,collective-art,bali Free In a crisis, human ingenuity takes over. Kelompok Seni Gotong Royong, a new Balinese art collective embracing cultural philosophies, emerged in 2020 in response to the global economic downturn resulting from the pandemic. Its original […]