Abstract painting

Abstract painting allows Mona Trivedi to express her love of color | Contributed

Mona Trivedi’s artistic journey began in high school in India, then later in college where she took extracurricular classes in oil painting and watercolor while pursuing a degree specializing in nutrition.

However, Mona lost touch with painting after getting married, immigrating to Canada, and starting to work and raise a family. Mona worked in the nutrition field for a few years before deciding to join her husband’s printing company, doing accounting and administration.

Mona’s interest in art was rekindled after Christmas Day in 2014, when her daughter and son surprised her by enrolling her in art classes as a Christmas present and gave her a stack canvases to encourage him to start painting again. But because of the pressures of work and life at the time, it took another four years before she could start enjoying creating more often.

Mona’s interest in art increased each time she visited an art gallery or museum. Eventually, with the help of online videos, workshops, and color theory books, Mona began to enjoy working in a variety of media – not just to develop her own style, but to revel in the peace and contentment of creativity.

Mona joined the Ajax Creative Center in 2018 and the Art Guild of Scarborough a year later. Thanks to these two organizations, she met many artists, made new friends and had the opportunity to present her own works.

At the suggestion of her friend, Mina Daya, she participated in an art exhibition called “Fifteen Reasons to Live” at the McLean Community Center in Ajax in March 2019. She was further inspired by its organizer, Allan O’Marra, who then taught him excellent acrylic techniques during his art classes.

After that, Mona says, a highlight for her was receiving a special merit stamp for one of her abstract paintings at an Art Guild of Scarborough juried exhibition.

Mona has always been drawn to abstract art because it allows her to express her love of color on canvas. She also enjoys beautiful scenic photography and continues to draw inspiration from it. But creating abstracts, without limits or borders, has a special attraction for her.

Nowadays, Mona continues to bounce between realistic painting and abstract painting because she believes the joy of painting has an absolutely invaluable meditative effect on her.

Joy MacFadyen is a communications officer at the Art Guild of Scarborough. Artists who are members of the guild are regularly featured on toronto.com. To find out more about the group, visit theartguildofscarborough.com or facebook.com/theartguildofscarborough.