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Armstrong Creek EOI Library Public Art Sculpture Commission

The City of Greater Geelong is seeking to engage a suitably qualified and experienced artist or creative team to develop a piece of public art that will serve as a significant cultural asset for the Armstrong Creek community. The work will be considered an important cultural asset in the City of Greater Geelong’s public art collection and a point of interest for library residents and visitors, further enhancing Geelong’s reputation and international status in as a UNESCO City of Design.

The commission’s budget is $80,000 (eighty thousand dollars) + GST.


As the first social civic infrastructure in the growing regional suburb of Armstrong Creek in Victoria, the Library and Community Hub is intended to be an important place for lifelong learning, social connection and creating a sense of community. The flowing waterways of this landscape for the Wadawurrung people are part of a much larger ecology and have been a natural meeting point and route of travel for centuries providing a place of sustenance, flow, fertility and spirituality. , known as “living water”.

Just as Living Water brings us together and nurtures us, our vision for the new library and community center is to bring together and nurture the people of Armstrong Creek at one central meeting point; an inspiring place where community and future generations can thrive together. The site offers views of Wurdi Youang (the You Yangs) and Mount Duneed, and is close to Lake Connewarre, all of which are important places for the Wadawurrung people. Buchan Architects worked with the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation and the city to develop a “Living Water” design narrative.

The Armstrong Creek Town Center Library Public Art Commission aims to exemplify the vision for public art as expressed in the City of Greater Geelong’s Public Art Strategy (see reference below ) and to take into account the unique qualities of the site, the place and the culture of the region.

The context

Artists are invited to submit proposals that represent their work within the context of contemporary public art practice. Proposals should have clear design logic and intent, demonstrating a thoughtful approach to the site and the importance of public art in enriching the built and cultural fabric of a civic space.

Artists are encouraged to consider the following themes when preparing a response (Note: this is a guide and should not be considered mandatory criteria):

  • The site was developed with the concept of “Living Water” as a metaphor crossing both exterior and interior spaces.
  • Artists may choose to develop contemporary work that brings a distinctive alternative offering to the space, contrasting with the ‘Living Water’ narrative.
  • Proximity/views to significant locations: Wurdi Youang (the You Yangs) and Mount Duneed, and Lake Connewarre
  • A natural meeting point for social connection Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists are encouraged to submit proposals.

Artists who are not part of the Wadawurrung cultural heritage will need to be approved by the Wadawurrung traditional owners if the artist intends to reference Wadawurrung culture in their work.

About the Council’s Public Art Strategy

This commission aims to support the Council’s existing public art strategy and the following statement of purpose:

The Public Art Strategy has been developed in recognition that the City of Greater Geelong has a long history and a strong ongoing commitment to commissioning artwork for public spaces in the municipality. The city has an extensive collection of works of art and monuments in public places – one of the largest in Victoria – in its parks, foreshores and streets and the council wishes to guide the continued upkeep of the works of art. existing art and the strategic commissioning of new works of art.

Art can play a key role in creating quality public places, telling local stories and expressing civic pride. Public art has another role to play in building cohesive communities and strengthening cultural identity. The role of art in urban design, placemaking and spatial activation is also widely recognized for the following community benefits: increased public safety; an enhanced sense of community connection, ownership and concern for the civic environment; community trust; and increased levels of use leading to greater passive surveillance of public facilities. The public plays an important role in the cultural vision of the city of Greater Geelong where creativity flourishes and design generates an exceptional quality of life for our community.

The location of the site

Armstrong Creek is the southern growth corridor for the city of Greater Geelong, providing housing for approximately 55,000 to 65,000 residents. The new library will be housed in Downtown Armstrong Creek, 20 Main St, Armstrong Creek 3217. Directly across from the Town Square and Mall, it will provide vital social infrastructure for residents.

The location of the sculpture is adjacent to the main entrance to the library. The site will make it possible to appreciate the work from all its angles within the landscaped space of the forecourt.

The height of the cantilever is approximately 12-13m, and the planned footprint of the structure is 2m in diameter (shown in RED in the attached images). The final artwork should consider sight lines from the library to the surrounding area and not obstruct sight lines or access around the library entrance.

See more images for sitemaps. More details available on request.

Project schedule and milestones


SUBMISSIONS DUE (STEP 1) Monday, September 19, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.



DETAILED SUBMISSIONS DUE (STAGE 2) Monday, November 21, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.


CONSTRUCTION TO BEGIN Negotiate with successful artist

CONSTRUCTION COMPLETE Practical completion of the Armstrong Creek Town Center Library is scheduled for December 2023

For a brief comprehensive document, inquiries and quotes, please contact:

Public Art Team
Department of Arts and Culture
City of Greater Geelong
(03) 5272 5272
[email protected]