Abstract painting

Please, Touch the Artwork, the zen puzzler that explores abstract painting, will be released on iOS and Android later this month | iPhone and iPad Gaming Reviews

Developer Thomas Waterzooi, also known as Meynen Studio, has announced that his zen puzzler Please, Touch the Artwork will be released on iOS, Android, and Steam on January 26. It’s a narrative driving game that, as the title suggests, encourages you to break the most sacred rule of visiting an art gallery.

Please Touch the Artwork lets you get close to many paintings and solve more than 150 puzzles. Your journey will be backed by a jazzy soundtrack meant to bring a relaxed vibe to the story, letting you relax as you solve each new puzzle.

In total, there are three different paintings to discover, each bringing a distinct style of play and puzzle types, giving you three games and stories in one. The puzzles are procedurally generated and the paintings are based on the works of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian.

The first story teaches you about the history of abstract art, while the second follows Boogie & Woogie. The couple have been separated from each other and it’s up to you to reunite them. Finally, the third game sees someone moving to the big city. It tasks you with collecting letters to create a poem while learning about the trials and tribulations the character faces.

Please, Touch the Artwork is available for pre-order now on the App Store, Google Play, and Steam if you prefer to play it on PC. It’s a premium title, and anyone who decides to pre-order through the App Store will get a 20% discount.