Abstract painting

The duo exhibition shows Harmons’ different approaches to abstract painting

Two painters, a husband and a wife, exhibit different explorations of the medium in “Painterly Aesthetics,” now at the Regier Art Gallery in Bethel, through April 7. There will be a reception for the artists and the exhibition on its closing day, Thursday, April 7, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the gallery of the […]

Abstract painting

Please, Touch the Artwork, the zen puzzler that explores abstract painting, will be released on iOS and Android later this month | iPhone and iPad Gaming Reviews

Developer Thomas Waterzooi, also known as Meynen Studio, has announced that his zen puzzler Please, Touch the Artwork will be released on iOS, Android, and Steam on January 26. It’s a narrative driving game that, as the title suggests, encourages you to break the most sacred rule of visiting an art gallery. Please Touch the […]

Abstract painting

Northfield Gallery Confronts False Claim That Abstract Painting Depicts ‘Antifa’ Logo

Mark Rosalbo’s painting “Graffiti Art”, which some people claim contains antifa propaganda. Courtesy picture Andrea Melville estimates that, under normal circumstances, 80% of the people who pass by her art gallery every day never stop to see the pieces displayed in the window. But this weekend, Melivlle noticed more eyes lingering outside of ART etc, […]

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Janine Stone: creating spaces to display your art, your sculpture, your car or even your wine collection

A beautiful interior provides the perfect setting for valuable collections, from paintings and sculptures to classic cars and vintage wine. Janine Stone sat down with Country Life’s Giles Kime to share her tips on how to create the perfect display space. If you explore Britain’s grandest country houses, it becomes clear that their beauty lies […]

Abstract painting

Artist Consumersmith Recreates Abergavenny Student’s Abstract Painting

AN ARTIST has recreated the work of a young girl and hopes to inspire children to express themselves. Newport artist, Antony Smith – also known as Consumersmith – was a guest lecturer at Cantref Primary School, Abergavenny, earlier this year, where he gave a workshop on abstract expressionism and self-expression through art. And it seems […]

Abstract painting

Groundbreaking New Survey of Abstract Painting from the Arab World Adds Dynamic Chapter to Art History

The mid-twentieth century was a tumultuous time for the 22 countries of the Arab world. It was a period of decolonization and industrialization, of war and mass migration. It saw the rise of socialism, the global oil boom and the formation of new nations. “Because many of these countries were entering the world stage as […]