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Women’s League of Pueblo West donates art sculpture honoring first responders

The Pueblo West Women’s League, a service organization that supports various community efforts in Pueblo West, recently donated a sculpture to the community to honor the community’s first responders.

The sculpture, dubbed “Every Day Responders,” is the seventh piece of art the league has donated to the community as part of the Let’s stART campaign that league president Barb Murfit launched in 2011.

Murfit said the first six pieces are representative of the region’s native plants and animals, but the most recent piece, which premiered this month, is a tribute piece.

“First was flowers in the meadow, then we have geodes, a soaring eagle, turtles and a fish sculpture,” Murfit said. “Then the committee and I decided for number seven, we should include some people.

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“(The Seventh) is a sculpture of a paramedic, sheriff, and firefighter. We wanted to honor our local heroes, so our timing was good for that one.

One of Let’s stART’s goals, Murfit said, was to solicit the work of local artists to spruce up high-traffic areas.

“Every Day Heroes” is the second piece of artwork donated by artist Eric McCue, and he said creating an artwork honoring first responders was a happy coincidence.

McCue said that when looking for a location for the next play, the league mentioned placing it between the sheriff and the fire station.

Murfit said the intent and placement of the sculpture was ultimately to thank Fire Chief Brian Caserta and Sheriff Dave Lucero for their hard work and dedication to the community.

Then, once the pandemic hit, it was only fitting to turn the coin into an honorary coin for all first responders.

In light of current events that have taken place over the past year, McCue said there was one specific inspiration he had while creating the artwork – unity.

“I try never to make art that you need an art degree to fully understand,” McCue said. “So I think it was very important to make it gender and race neutral. I wanted it to be something that embraced the western attitude of all generations and all races.

“To me, it’s a simple sculpture honoring what first responders and even essential workers do. It’s been a crazy year, and without them we’d be in much worse shape.

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The new sculpture was placed between the Pueblo West Sheriff’s Substation and the Pueblo West Fire Department on E. Joe Martinez Blvd.

“Every Day Heroes” is the most expensive project the league has donated, Murfit said, costing around $10,000.

McCue said local suppliers D&S Paint and Midwest Fabrication & Steel were key contributors to making “Every Day Heroes” a reality as they provided supplies and kept the cost within McCue’s budget.

Chieftain and Pueblo West View reporter Alexis Smith can be reached by email at [email protected] or on Twitter @smith_alexis27.