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New Delhi [India], Nov. 30 (ANI/PNN): Sibling duo Virat Kiran (7) and Chanvitha Sundari (2) set a new UNICO world record by expressing themselves through painting on an area of ​​1,300 square feet in just 3 hours !

The painting was abstract expressionism focusing on the global environmental crisis through “art and the importance of art therapy in everyday life.”

This feat was achieved at Trio World Academy, Bangalore on November 27, 2021.

The 1300 square foot area was covered with nearly 100 different concepts such as climate change, water pollution, deforestation, the importance of reforestation, farming, agriculture and creative fantasy concepts like Virat’s theory regarding aliens, Chanvitha’s concepts of animals around the world and more. . This artwork is now the largest abstract painting in the world, created by the youngest sibling duo.

Painting was not a new vocation for Virat as he had chosen brushes when he was only 6 months old, while Chanvitha started his artistic journey at only 3 months old. The 7-year-old has always loved exploring various concepts and ideas since he was 6 months old. He tends to visualize the art he wants to create and doesn’t stop until it’s finished. He likes to imagine what the future would be like, whether it’s concepts like flying cars creating air traffic in the future or how all of our lakes would dry up in the future because of the way we keep polluting it, and these ideas would then come to life on his canvas. In the case of the younger brother, she is more fascinated by animals, the milky way and creative ideas like the rain of diamonds.

Virat’s first painting was on his balcony walls with his fingers when he noticed the wall painted by his mother, Divya Rajasekaran. He used some of the remaining paintings and decided to use a corner of the balcony where he would create his world through art. Seeing this, his parents decided to introduce him to painting and drawing and different tools like paints, brushes, pencils, acrylics, poster colors, etc., from which he was more inclined to acrylic. “Currently, I used other tools like spatulas, scrapers and combs for my paintings,” says Virat, who is a student at the Trio World Academy. Divya adds that her daughter Chanvitha picked up the brush when she was only 3 months old, probably noticing that her brother was engrossed in painting. She added that Virat wanted her sister to paint as well. In fact, he wants everyone in the world to comb.

Noticing how these child abstract artists immersed themselves in creating art at such a young age without any fights, something prevalent among siblings, Divya realized that what her children were creating was unique, which inspired her. led her to approach UNICO World Records.

But this isn’t the first time the whiz siblings have become popular for their art. “They have clients from all over the world who want Virat & Chanvitha art hanging on their walls. Besides that, they also participate in our architectural projects,” said Divya, architect. Virat also shares his design contributions and ideas for Design Houzz, owned by his parents. And he joins every site visit with his mother to share his design contributions. Divya believes her children were exposed to the art world due to their passion and interest in art, while her mother was also a traditional artist.

Virat and Chanvitha held many exhibitions to showcase their art and also sold a lot of it. Virat’s first exhibition took place before he was even 1 year old. Chanvitha’s first exhibition was at 3 months with the works of her brother Virat at the Arts Village, St. Mark’s Road.

The parents of the duo, Mr. Rajasekaran and Divya Rajasekaran, are incredibly proud of their children and continue to encourage them in their artistic endeavors. “When you notice your children are interested in an activity, be it art, music, writing, reading or whatever, we must always continue to encourage them and let them grow in their interests,” adds Rajasekaran.

Virat now dreams of opening his art business to encourage painting among all while spreading happiness through his work. Chanvitha should start her studies in a year. They continue to create abstract art and explore the world of painting.

Mr. Rajasekaran also added that Mr. Sivaraman, Managing Director of UNICO World Records Pvt. Ltd., and Mr. Nagarajan., Editor, UNICO World Records Pvt.Ltd, guided and supported the children throughout.

Mr. Vinod Singh, Principal of Trio World Academy), Mr. Naveen (MD Trio World Academy), Mr. Bishwajeet (Executive Director – Trio World Academy) and the whole school were always very supportive.

The UNICO world record event was primarily sponsored by Trio World Academy, while other sponsors included Itsy Bitsy as craft sponsor and Shiva Texyarn Ltd as canvas sponsor. The event has also partnered with Farm to Families as munchies partner, Ocular Zoom as photography partner, Onip Lifestyle, Noble Crafts as supporting partners, MOP – as YouTube partners, Kimaya and BrightRight as official art therapy partners.

Design Infinity, Space Cult, Habitat Design Studio, White Edge Architects, Tiny Pastels, Studio AJ, Studio Lego, De Hub for Architects and Design Houzz were the official design partners of the event. They have also signed on to use Virat and Chanvitha’s paintings in their future projects.

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