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Young Balinese artists urged to stay creative despite pandemic

Badung, Bali (ANTARA) – The Badung district government in Bali province is encouraging local artists, especially young ones, to stay creative even though they are currently in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Despite the pandemic, young artists in Badung have shown great creative works through the performance of the creative and independent Gema Raga Muda at the Giri Nata Mandala Cultural Center, Badung Regional Secretary I Wayan Adi Arnawa said on Sunday.

He commended the young artists for this initiative, and the district government and Badung Bali (Listibiya) cultural counseling and coaching office would continue to encourage young artists to create new creative works of music and dance.

“We appreciate this activity. It is extraordinary. Later, we will support it not only by providing a venue, but also, in the future, by stimulating it through the Badung regional budget,” he said.

The chairman of the staging committee, I Wayan Muliyadi, revealed that he and other artists are grateful to Badung’s administration for their full support for young artists and their work. A tangible installation they received was a strategic stage for the event.

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The Gema Raga was a place where artists, especially young artists, showed their creativity, he said.

He explained that this artistic activity also has a high academic value, in which artists are not only required to show their works. Instead, they are asked to report on their work through a question-and-answer session with direct attendees and those who join on social media.

“This activity is purely independent for the young artists of Badung. The funding we get is the result of our hard work and loyalty. Through this Gema Raga, we show that the young artists of Badung are faithful to the art and in Badung,” Muliyadi said. .

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